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Social Media Marketing



The process that we put into Social Media Marketing is pretty simple from a user standpoint. There is no better way to communicate & engage with your current & perspective customers than with a strong social media presence. Social Media grants you the ability to interact every single day with your customers to market your product or business, while obtaining valuable feedback on your services. You must set yourself apart from your competitors & create a unique presence that showcases your brand & most importantly, helps reach out to new customers with our ideas & strategies that have proven to generate leads for any type of business. Shoreline Media will work with you every step of the way to understand your current marketing strategies & how best to apply them to the different social media platforms available.


·    Facebook and Twitter Keyword Targeting

·    Facebook Location Targeting

·    Facebook and Twitter Page Targeting

·    Instagram Marketing

·    LinkedIn Marketing

·    Email Address Targeting using Facebook Custom Audiences .. and more.




The Shoreline Team will meet with you and start planning out the first phase of your Social Media Marketing plan. Certain questions like:

  • Before anything… Do you have access to all of your accounts?
  • Are you Social accounts and feeds tied into your website?
  • Do you have a “Page” rather than “Profile”
  • What do you Social Media accounts look like?
  • Are they designed properly?
  • How are you currently managing Leads, Likes, Follows and other interaction on your Social Network?
  • What type of Re-Marketing are you involved in?

Things like that just to start off.  Once we get the basics down and really see what we have and do not have then we can get right into Phase 2. Please keep in mind that if a client does NOT have access to their pages or does not have a page we can create them. We STRONGLY recommend trying to get as much access as you can to all of your pages if you were not in control of them. This will help us eliminate duplicate business pages or listings if pages need to be created or recreated.


In the second phase Shoreline Media will connect a new Business account to our business account which is monitored by the advertising team at Facebook. That’s right. Everything we do is also viewed by Facebook to be sure that all areas are working correctly and working for you.

Once our Representative comes back and approves your account we can then start the process of building your campaign. Your campaign will target a specific target list. The team will go over exactly what you want to target and start to build the campaign.


In this phase your campaign will be built into your new advertising account. Using the knowledge, technique and Guidelines that we have perfected The Shoreline Team will build your campaign based on your budget and target audience. Your budget can be set per day or a set budget per month. The campaign can target such areas as:

  • Competitor pages
  • Key Phrases used on Social Media
  • Hashtags
  • Salary
  • Age
  • Marital Status … and more

Once these areas are all tied into the campaign, we then start the design aspect of the campaign to be sure that the campaign matches your brand. Our proven technique will show you how we target the exact audience you want to target.

Once the campaign is 100% created and ready to run we can pick our schedule and set the start time.

Tracking is then taken from the campaign and added to such areas as Websites, Landing pages, forms, etc. to track how man visitors we are getting from that campaign.


Your campaign is ready to start so now it’s time to go over your post schedule and ideas for engagement. During this phase we can post and interact using such things as Contests, Coupons and more.

Shoreline will put together a plan to carefully post and interact with your new visitors and new “Likes” on your pages and profiles. We will carefully plan and design a program based on your business and services that will work to gain interaction through all Social Media Networks.

These posts will work not only on Facebook  but span across all of your profiles you may have such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Once your post plan is scheduled and the campaign is activated you are on your way!


Congratulations! Your Social Media Marketing Plan is in place. You will now work closely with our Social Media Team to get the best possible results you can out of your Social Media Marketing Program.

You Social Media Marketing Program can be worked into and should be worked into all areas of your online network such as Websites, Email Marketing, Landing pages and more. If any of these are services you are NOT using talk to your Shoreline Media Representative for more information on how all of your online tools can help with your Social Media Marketing Plan



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